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CodeIgniter 2/3 with  two projects

CodeIgniter 2/3 with two projects

RS. 25000


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, i teach you each and everything from libraries to helpers.

We cover these topics in this series.

  • Library Reference

Application Flow Chart,what is MVS(Model-View-Controller),How CodeIgniter URLs works,Alternate PHP Syntax for View Files,Security,PHP Style Guide,URI Routing,Auto-loading Resources,Benchmarking Class,Calendaring Class,Shopping Cart Class,Config Class,Email Class,Encrypt Class,Encryption Library,File Uploading Class,Form Validation,FTP Class,Image Manipulation Class,Input Class,Pagination Class,Session Library,HTML Table Class,Typography Class,URI Class,User Agent Class,ip Encoding Class.

  • Database Reference

Some examples,Database Configuration,Connecting to a Database,Running Queries,Generating Query Results,Query Helper Functions,Query Builder Class/Active records.

  • Helper Reference

Array Helper,CAPTCHA Helper,Cookie Helper,Date Helper,Directory Helper,Download Helper,Email Helper,File Helper,Form Helper,HTML Helper,Inflector Helper,Language Helper,Number Helper,Path Helper,Security Helper,Smiley Helper,String Helper,Text Helper,Typography Helper,URL Helper.

Query Optimization.

Some examples using jquery,ajax,json.

Login system.

Signup system.

Comment system


tips and tricks

Required Course


Basic to Advance level

  • Venue: Skype, Near IQRA University, Home(only Groups)
  • Teacher Shehzad Ahmed
  • Days Saturday To Tuesday


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