Basic PHP from scratch for beginners

basic PHP in urdu
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Course Description

You will learn all the core PHP concepts from scratch with examples, I will teach you how to use loops, conditionals, functions and much more. I will explain all the SQL concepts so you can easily understand.

You will also learn how to connect your project with MYSQL nd how to use queries using PHP functions.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to install and use the server for PHP
  • Usages of variables, constants.
  • conditions
  • arrays manage
  • Arrays functions
  • built-in function
  • user define function
  • useful examples
  • How to upload the files
  • How to manage your  forms
  • How to validate the for
  • How to work on Server, $_GET, $_POST requests.
  • How to use loops
  • How to die and exit the script

Course Content

Total learning: 76 lessons Time: 10 weeks

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I have been in the web design and development sector for over 5 years. I always provide high-quality courses which can be useful and practical for students, I am working for my community since 6 years and I have created thousands of lectures related to web development and different programming languages. Before selecting any course please make sure the language of the course because I am providing many courses in URDU and English language.


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