CodeIgniter 3 for beginners and intermediate

CodeIgniter 3 for beginners
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Course Description

Learn Codeigniter – the robust PHP framework with a small footprint! You will build a complete application in this course using CodeIgniter Framework.

You’ll learn how the MVC Design pattern works, and I will teach and guide you step-by-step each and everything which is required for CodeIgniter. We will create a dashboard, and you will learn how to control your web application/Website through your dashboard.

You will learn how to create a proper Sign-up and login system for your application / Website. I will teach you how to use ajax and give you some tips and tricks using JQuery and JavaScript. You will learn how to break your content into multiple parts for reusing purposes.

We’ll create a dashboard for registered users, and you will learn how a particular user can manage their account.
We can create a dashboard where admin can manage the website/web application.
I’ll polish your skills when I give you some tips and tricks(JQuery, JSON, JavaScript, Codeigniter).
You’ll understand how to expand upon these features when we are complete.

This course will take you to an Intermediate PHP programmer with JSON, JavaScript, Jquery. You will learn how to use the Bootstrap framework to build your robust layout/template. You will learn how to use external APIs, i.e., log in with GooglePlus OR login with Facebook.

You will learn how to use the composer. At the end of this course, I’ll give you some intro about other frameworks like Laravel and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand MVC Design Pattern
  • Why you Break your content into multiple sections
  • Setup an entire Application.
  • Know CodeIgniters Process
  • Sign up System
  • Login System
  • Login With Facebook
  • Search System
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • User and Admin Dashboard
  • Tips and tricks
  • SEO friendly Website
  • Query optimization
  • Cache Mechanism
  • Project in Codeigniter
  • jQuery AJAX
  • Database Designing

Course Content

Total learning: 91 lessons



My Name is Shehzad Ahmed and I am a full-time developer with over 7+ years of experience. In that time, I’ve worked as a developer with many big and small firms and was teaching web design and development skills to many keen learners and by the time passes I’ve found a great passion and potential on myself as a teacher on this particular field and now I am a full-time teacher and working as a freelancer.


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