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Inheritance in object-oriented php

Another OOP concept is inheritance, why you need inheritance..? how can we reuse our code..? You gonna learn inheritance in PHP in this video.

class Car{
    public $carName;
    public $carPrice;
    public $carColor;
    public static $myStaticProperty = 'shakzee.com';
    private $myPrivate = 'shakzee';*/
    private function myFunction(){
        echo 'Private function';
    public function display(){
        echo $this->carName.'<br>';
        echo $this->carColor.'<br>';
        echo $this->carPrice.'<br>';
        //echo $this->myProperty;
        //echo $this->myPrivate;
    public function test($para){
        echo $para . ' method ';
    public static function myStatic(){
        echo 'my static method';

class BMW extends Car {


echo '<br>';
echo Car::$myStaticProperty;


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