Creating Google plus API for Login with google+

Creating Google plus API for Login with google+

If you are planning to create/design a system login with google plus or want to use youtube tube data or any Google product you must create your project before accessing any Google products data.

Today we are going to create a project on google console OR we are going to create an API for login with google plus, so follow these steps to create login system in google+.

Step 1: Login to your google account.

Step2: Go to and click on the right side of Google APIsicon, a drop-down menu/button appears to click on it then you will see button so click on it.

Step 3: Create a New Project OR Write your project name.

Step 4: Select your project which you just created “DummyProject”.

Step 5: Click on the button named  Enable APIs and services.

Step 6: Chose your API. I am choosing Google+ API, You can choose any API i.e YouTube APIs

Step 7: Click on the Enable button.

Step 8: Click on the button named  Create credentials and set your credentials.

Step 9: Select Which API are you using in this example, I am using googel+ API. On the Where will you be calling the API from? section select Web server because we are creating this API for web and select the third option from radio button What data will you be accessing (User data) you can choose which data you want to access.

Step 10: Write your OAuth 2.0 client ID Name, domain (i.e name and also redirect URL (

Step 11: And now set your product name, logo, and setting related to your product and hit the button continue.

Step 12: You can download your Client ID which you just created and or click on the button Done.

You have successfully created an API for login with google plus if you want to edit just click on the Edit Button.

Now you can edit any settings.

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