How to access phpmyadmin using putty for wordpress lightsail

access phpmyadmin in lightsail

If you are new on amazon lightsail its difficult for you to access your AWS lightsail PHPMyAdmin because you can’t access your database directly from URL i.e www.yourDomainName.com/phpmyadmin.

So before accessing your phpMyAdmin via SSH tunnel, what you need SSH client PuTTY is free for Windows and UNIX platforms. So download the putty.exe and also the puttygen.exe from the official website.

download the putty.exe for SSH
download the puttygen.exe for key generation utility

Step1: Now you need the SSH Access before downloading it go to the lightsail and select your instance then click on the options button and select Manage option

connect instance on lightsail

Now find the account page link and click on it a new page appears.

find account page on lightsail

Now download the key and keep that key in a folder where you keep the putty.exe and puttygen.exe file.

download the SSH key on lightsail

Step:2 Open the puttygen.exe and load your key by clicking on the load button it will not show you the .pem file, change the file types all files now it will show you the .pem file, a popup appear, click ok and then click on the save private key button, give you key name i.e myKey and keep it on the same folder, it’s a .ppk file.

generate ppk file using puttygen

Step3: Now click on the putty, you need the IP of your instance i.e get your IP from amazon lightsail, Add your IP in the Host Name field and also in the session field.

add ip in putty

Step4: Now open the SSH and click on the Auth and click on the browse button, choose your .ppk file

select your ppk file

Step5: Click on the Tunnels add 8888 in the source port and localhost:80 in Destination and don’t forget to click on the add button.

adding the tunnels in putty for lightsail

Step6: Now click on the Data and add the user bitnami in the Auto-login username.

adding bitnami as user in putty

Step7: Click on the Session and click on the open button. Note: if you have default session please select the session which you have inserted.

click session and open

Step8: Now a window appears like this.

showing bitnami console in putty

If putty ask you about cached this key just click on the yes button

cach the key

Step9: Go to the browser and type localhost:8888/phpmyadmin it will ask you about credentials, to access the database using the root as username and if you have the password then add it otherwise get your password by access SSH on lightsail.

open phpmyadmin
use the credentials for phpmyadmin in lightsail suing putty

Congratulation you have successfully accessed your lightsail phpmyadmin panel using putty.

php logged in using lightsail
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