How to connect your WebMail with GMail account

Its hard to manage multiple emails if you have multiple platforms to send and receive the emails, If you have your website then definitely you have your webmail account and sending and receiving the emails released with your website and especially if you are web developer then you definitely have the Gmail to access the Gmail services such as Youtube, Webmaster tool.

So you are managing emails separately, using Gmail you can connect your webmail account with your Gmail account. In this Article, I will show you how to send and receive your webmail from your Gmail account, before starting i consider that you have created the webmail from your cpanel/panel.

Step 1: On the right side of you gmail acreen find the setting option and click on it.


Step 2: Find accounts and import section find the Check mail from other accounts: section and click on Add a mail account.

Step 3: A window appears to enter the email would you like to add, In this case, I am using my email address you have to use your email address which wants to add i.e

add email


Step 4: You have two options either import emails from to your Gmail inbox or link the accounts using Gmailify, you have to select your email, in this case, I am using my email “”.


Step 5: Enter the Email settings for your webmail and Provide your email credentials and check your checkboxes.



Now you have successfully connected your webmail with your Gmail account, if you want to send the emails from gmail using your webmail so hit the Next button and just follow the steps listed bellow.


send mail from gmail


Step 6. Enter the information about your email address and hit the next button.


information about email


Step 7: Provide your SMTP server information and select the TLS and hit the Add Account button


send mail throw SMTP

Congratulation you have succeffully embeded your webmail with your gmail account now just need to verify the account, go to your webmail and find the mail just click on the link OR copy your code and past it to the windows listed bellow.


confirm verification


Step 8: I have received the email from gmail, I am just verifying by clicking on the link. You can check your email address to verify email accounts.



Step 9: Hit the Confirm button.


Finally, you have successfully connected your webmail with your Gmail account.




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