How to download the codeigniter 4

download the Codeigniter 4

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP frameworks to create/manage the website and web application, it has nearly zero configuration that means you don’t need to spend extra time to configure the project, I personally like the Codeigniter because of its simplicity and small footprint, I have created many websites and web application in Codeigniter.

The popularity of Codeigniter

codeigniter popularity

The future of the Codeigniter is the Codeignter 4, in Codeigniter 4 they have introduced many things like Modeling Data, migrations, database seeding and much more you can download the Codeigniter 4  using composer or from github. I prefer please downlaod it from GitHub because the production version is not yet launched.

The server requirements are.

  • PHP 7.2 or newer version.
  • MYSQL 5.1+

And the PHP extensions should be enabled

  • php-json
  • php-mbstring
  • php-mysqlnd,
  • php-xml

Step 1: Downlaod the Codeigniter 4 from github.

Codeigniter github

Step 2: Unzip the project and keep the project name newCI4 and move your project in your server, I have the XAMPP so that’s why I have htdocs folder, if you are working wamp definitely you have the www directory.

unzip codeigniter 4

Step 3: Open your project in you text-Editor, I am using sublime3 if you using any editor you just use it.

Open Codeigniter 4

Step 4: Open your browser and access this URL http://localhost/newci4/public/

access codeigniter 4


You have the public folder to keep your CSS and JS files.


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