How to launch WordPress website on amazon lightsail

AWS Lightsail

Millions of websites hosted on shared hosting, but they still don’t know about Amazon lightsail. Amazon lightsail is a platform where you can create your virtual private server with few clicks, they offer the best prices to launch your site using CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento or a NodJS.

You can also select your OS or the database, and you can also specify the region where you start your instance, Region India is the lowest price rates.

Why you need to migrate your site from shared hosting to amazon lightsail..? The main reason is the security, amazon lightsail provides you the builtin security, so you don’t worry about it; we know if your site hosted on a shared hosting, you access your panel using www.domainName/Cpanel OR www.domainName:2082. Using lightsail you can’t directly access your panel or PHPMyAdmin.

If you start the lightsail, Amazon gives you the one-month free trial after that they charge 3.50$ every month, you can also choose your plan below are the amazon lightsail plans.

Amazon lightsail Plans

Step1: Go to the Amazon console and click on all services link find the lightsail link and click on it, it will redirect you from console to amazon lightsail site.

Creating an instance on amazon lightsail is very easy. You just select the region and price with platform, i.e., WordPress, and click on the Create instance button. That’s it, but before creating any instance, you must have the amazon approved the account. Now I am going to create the amazon lightsail instance, so I consider you have the amazon approved account. If you don’t have an Amazon account, create your account now.

amazon console

Step2: If you already have an account, just find the create instance button, or it will automatically ask you about the instance.

create instance on amazon lightsail

Step3: Select your region

select your region

Step4: Select your platform and select your OS+Apps or single OS

select a platform on amazon lightsail

Step 5: Click on the SSH key pair manager and download the key

download the ssh key on lightsail

Step6: Choose your instance plan

choose your instance plan

Step 7: Identify your instance and select your tagging option, you have two option key only tag and the key-value tag but its optional

identify your instance on lightsail

Step 8: Click on Create instance button.

create the instance on lightsail

Wait for a few seconds when you see the Running tag on your instance. Now copy your IP address from your instance and past on the URL.

running lightsail instance

Now your site is ready to use, but what about your admin/user credentials? Amazon light never sends you the credentials on your email address because of the security reasons; you just access the instance and get your code.

running wordpress site

Get WordPress password on amazon lightsail

Step1: Access your SSH instance.

open shell on amazon lightsail

Step2: Type this code cat bitnami_application_password and get your code, please keep this code because you always need this while Accessing your PHPMyAdmin panel or WordPress wp-admin

view your wordpress code on ssh

Step3: Go to your IP address/wp-admin panel and use your credentials UserName is user and password is the password which you have just got form SSH.

wp-admin credentials on lightsaile

Congratulations you have successfully installed the WordPress on amazon lightsail

logged in in WordPress using lightsail

Learn How To Use AWS Lightsail Hosting For WordPress

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  • Manolo
    May 13, 2019

    OK, nice… will you do a tutorial on how to I connect my domain with this istance?

    • shakzee
      May 13, 2019

      Thank you for your comment, I will upload the tutorial as soon as possible.

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