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Discounts to educational institutions and students

Avail a great opportunity and level up your skills at Shakzee with some unbelievable discounts on our courses and videos and get access to high-quality content.

Discount To Students

If you are a student from any school, college, and university, all you need to have is proof that you are a student, teacher, or anyone representing any educational institute. For this, you can provide us simple information, and that is your email of .edu address. It’s enough proof for us to give you a fantastic discount at only $50/year on over 50+ courses and 2,300+ videos and that’s the discount of almost 100$ on a MASTER PACKAGE that we offer for 12 months at $149/year but with your .edu address it’s only $50/year which is quite an amazing discount.

Note: You don’t need to be registered with .edu account, we just check the .edu account once we received the email from your school’s .edu domain. You can create/open your account on with your email address.

On those 12 months that you got on, a discount will be as same as our master package, and you have all the access to our existing and upcoming tutorials and videos.

Discounts To Educational Institutions

But not only this here is an even better opportunity! If any educational institutions (Universities, Colleges and High Schools) makes a partnership with us (Shakzee) as an online E-learning platform, we will be providing all of their students a $30/year membership and to avail this amazing opportunity you can simply contact us.

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