Why is 301 redirection and how to use 301 redirection

301 redirection

Moving your website from one domain to another domain is very easy but it can be hurt your website SEO performance or google search ranking, let suppose you have the domain www.skz.com and you want to use a new domain which is www. skz.ca definitely you have some old pages on the google search ranking or you have your old sitemap map but what happens once you change your URL..? Once you migrate the domain from www.skz.com to www.skz.ca definitely your visitor get 404 error which is harmful to your SEO, before migrating your website you need to take some necessary steps so your visitors get sent to the right place/URL,  technically its 301 redirects.


When you change the URL  for any reasons it’s your duty to maintain your domain authority or the search ranking if you want to maintain your domain authority and website/search ranking.
Definitely 301 redirect is the key to maintain your search ranking and domain authority. You have to follow some kind of mechanism which redirects your visitors to the actual url without manually changing from the browser URL.

We cover the 301 redirects in detail, why your website us 301 redirect, and how it’s different from the other redirects.


What is 301 Redirect..?

301 redirect is the redirect from one URL to another. let suppose your user typed a URL on the browser to access your web page and for any reason, you have changed the same URL definitely your visiter get 404 error, 301 redirect send your visitors from old URL to new URL. You lose your search ranking or domain authority if you have multiple 404 errors and according to my experience, your competitors can take advantage of your 404 errors to beat you in the SEO world.

Let’s take an example of how 301 redirect works.

301 redirects

As you can see in the picture I have the old url which is the /blogs/readblog/3/why-you-waste-you-time-and-money-to-get-admission-in-centersinstitutes (this is the old URL), And now I have changed this URL to the new URL which is www.shakzee.com/why-you-waste-you-time-and-money-to-get-admission-in-centers-institute so when every visitor visits my old URL the system redirect my visitor to the new URL.


Why you have to set up a 301 Redirect….?

  1. To rename your website or your brand for any reason.
  2. To redirect the traffic to your specif page or the website from the old URL to the new URL and definitely you are the owner of both old and new URLs.

In the second point when a website/brand/company changing the domain name, the 301 redirect maintains the search ranking and the domain authority, in simple words 301 redirect is necessary to send your visitors to the new/right URLs or Web pages which they are looking for.


Difference between other redirects and permanent redirects.

301 redirect is better and necessary for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) other than a temporary redirect which is known as 302 redirection because its the best option to redirect your audience from old URL to the new URLs which definitely help to maintain your search ranking and also the domain authority.


Can you use the 302 redirects…?

If you are new in SEO you definitely ask these kinds of questions. Basically, a 302 redirect is the temporary redirection you can use 302 redirections in some situations like under maintenance.


301 Redirection mistakes/usage

  1. Before using 301 redirections make sure you have the same URL i.e without www (http://domainName.com) or with www (http://www.domainName.com).
  2. If you want to migrate your domain you have to use 301 before starting the new domain.
  3. If you are not setting the 301 redirections for your older website, definitely you will create the bad user experince for your website visitors whenever they click on the link from Google or somewhere else.
  4. If you are using WordPress for your website, I recommend the plugin 301 redirection for WordPress.
  5. You can also use 301 redirections by using the .htaccess file.

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Change the URL/Domain is very easy but maintaining the search ranking and domain authority is very hard, normally if you are not familiar with SEO/Indexed pages you change your url or domain without worry even you don’t know this action is very dangerous for your search ranking when you change the URL/Domain name your visitors get 404 errors and google automatically decrease your SEO ranking, 301 direction is the solution to redirect your old URL to new URL  for temporary redirection we use the 302 redirections but 301 redirection tells the Search engine that the URL permanent changed and you maintain your search ranking and domain authority. If you are working on WordPress you can use 301 redirection plugins.



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